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Fall 2021 Pitch Competition

SMW Viking Designs Pitch Competition

Congratulations to our Fall 2020 winner! Click play to see the final results...

Please congratulate each of our teams- They did a wonderful job! Now that these Vikings have completed Introduction to Business, we hope they will develop their skills even further by enrolling in more business classes as they progress through high school. 

Do you like data? Click here to access fall 2020 data.
Libby Marsh | Founder of Kids4Vets
7th Grader @Indian Hills Middle
Tanna Fanshier | R3 Program
KS Dept. Wildlife, Parks & Tourism
Nova Clarke | Visitor Services 
US Fish and Wildlife Service

Helper Express: Creating a new option for tutoring and academic supports.


Meet Cole, Ashley, Josh, & Kiersten

Team Helper Express would like to create an online tutoring service. The website is for students struggling academically. We are extremely excited for you to learn about our service and how committed we are to helping other people. We hope our website reaches people worldwide because, during this pandemic, a lot of people have been unmotivated and stressed. We are extremely excited to be able to introduce our project that we have worked hard on. Our service is just a great way to be able to help so many people who are stressed with school and just need that extra boost.

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Kate profile pic color smaller.jpg

Coach- Kate McNair, Teen Services Coordinating Librarian

Johnson County Library

Kate McNair is the Teen Services Coordinating Librarian for the Johnson County Library and has 15 years experience working with teens in libraries. She currently services as managing editor of elementia, Johnson County Library’s award winning literary magazine for teens, project coordinator for Race Project KC, the Library’s social justice and local history initiative for high schools as well as coordinating workshops and events at schools around the metro area involving visiting authors and artists as well as public events for the Library.


The Homies: Creating a new option for youth aging out of foster care.

Meet Noah G., Noah H., and Caleb

The Homies is a non-profit solution to help aged out fosters, homeless, and other people who need our help. To combat this issue, we will provide services such as financial support and work experiences; we will also provide classes for self advocacy, social skills, and job training (trade, retail, agriculture, and human resources). 

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Coach- Jordan Lewis, Transition Advocate

YouThrive, Inc.

Jordan has dedicated his life to pursuing his passion for connecting and building relationships with those in need, especially youth. Spending the majority of his professional, educational, and athletic career working alongside young individuals, he is deeply fueled by seeing others grow and achieve a greater quality of life.

Jordan graduated with his Bachelors in Psychology from William Jewell College. There, he played basketball for four years and used his athletic network to train young basketball players in his community. After completing his undergraduate degree, Jordan attended UMKC where he is currently pursuing his Masters in Counseling. Prior to joining YouThrive, Jordan spent three years in inpatient mental health settings working with youth who suffered from various traumas.

Outside of work, Jordan enjoys staying active through fitness training, spending time with his son, Easton, and growing in his meditation practice.


The Rocks: Creating a new option for outdoor game and sport.

Brandon S.jpg

Meet Brandon, Shayla, Gage, Micheal, & Sean

“The Rocks” team is creating an outdoors app with a mission to help make the outdoors a welcoming and safe place for everyone. We have seen the need for this because there is not a single, central place to get all of this type of information. It will include hiking and bike trails and hunting and fishing seasons and locations. We are very excited to work on this to help people enjoy outdoor activities in Kansas.

Michael wRocks.jpg

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Coach- Alaine Hudlin, Wildlife Education Coordinator

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks, and Tourism

Originally specializing in Ecology Research, Alaine focused on mammal population fluctuations in successional areas. Species population dynamics, flora and fauna inter-relational mechanisms and how outside influences affect the balance fascinates me to this day.

Noting her passion for the natural society, the lead research professor urged Alaine into education; a field she never thought of nor saw herself in, but he was right.

Alaine has been in her position for 27 years and each day is still as different and exciting as the first.  To find a job that doesn't feel like work - that's when you know you are in the right place.

KS Wildlife.png

Team Infographic: Creating a new option for skincare.

Brandon L.jpg
Adam P.jpg

Meet Jhoanna, Micah, Logan, Brandon, Adam, & Landen

Team "Infographic" is designing a skincare line, which they are really excited for. Skin care is one of their passions because it can give so much self-confidence to a person. Some members of the team didn't know much about make up until now. Thanks to all of our supporters that have helped along this awesome journey.

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Karen Foelsch.jpeg

Coach- Karen Squires Foelsch, Certified Business Mentor

SCORE Kansas City, Powered by the Small Business Administration

I can help business improve your overall operations, business processes and results. I have a broad experience in business management, finance, human resources, and information technology. I enjoy learning about new business ventures, guiding business plan development and improving processes in existing businesses.

I have over 30 years working in information technology and business management leadership roles. In have worked in manufacturing, scientific and educational arenas. I also work as a consultant, currently serve on a not-for-profit board and assist in recruiting and alumni relations for both my undergraduate and graduate universities.


The Twisted Turtles: Creating a new option for arts and engagement.


Meet Isabel, Marah, Hannah, & Esther

Team "Twisted Turtles" is creating a way for people 50 and up to enjoy a greater way of living and be able to do something constructive- even now, when COVID is still going around. Each member is personally excited about this because they feel like people's lives are important. COVID is not fun for us and neither is being trapped inside the house, but older people have it hard too. They're the ones who are most at risk, and the team believes it is important for older people to do something that will, hopefully, take some stress off of them and make them feel like they are able to do what they want- even in situations like this.

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Ozier, Mallory.jpg

Coach- Mallory Ozier, 50 Plus Recreation Coordinator

Johnson County Parks & Recreation District

Mallory Ozier is a 50 Plus Recreation Coordinator for the award winning Johnson County Park and Recreation District.  She has over 10 years of experience working with community members of all ages in the recreation field.  Mallory currently oversees several 50 Plus activities throughout Johnson County including special events, enrichment classes, fine & performing art programs, and a wide variety of fitness activities like pickleball.  


Mallory graduated from Pittsburg State University with her Bachelors of Science in Recreation in Community, Corporate & Hospital Wellness and Masters of Science in Recreation Sports & Leisure Management.

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